‘Collaboration for innovation and capacity building for an open ecosystem’ (I4OE) is an Erasmus+ Programme 2021, Key Action 2: Small Scale Partnership Project, coordinated by NUCLIO, involving six partners from three different European countries: Greece, Norway and Portugal.

We envisioned this project as a means to answer the questions: how can we support community stakeholders to engage and collaborate effectively with schools in an open ecosystem? How can we support educators to work effectively with external stakeholders in an open school?

By reaching out to local policy-makers, business decision-makers, non-governmental organizations, and members of civil society organizations, among others, we aim to empower them to promote cooperation, participation, and democratic citizenship in a school context.

We seek to give special visibility to the importance of diversity, increasing the overall capacity for leadership and cooperation in the community, and having schools as allies. Civic engagement and participation are primary priorities to achieve these goals.

Four project results are planned:

  1. Development of a framework and methodology for cooperation and problem-solving for Open Ecosystems; 
  2. Development of a set of resources for the development of Essential Skills and Competences for collaboration;
  3. I4OE Guide of Best Practices;
  4. Publish a research study.