Framework and Methodology for Open Innovative Ecosystems

This methodology, based on the steps of the Design Thinking methodology, was designed to conduct the three community events that took place in each country of the partnership. It presents Result 1: a common methodology of community-building procedures to empower adult learners to identify key skills and competencies for cooperation and problem-solving.

The full document can be seen here.

In each partner country, a set of three interconnected activities was developed with adult learners to trigger discussion and debate on issues considered relevant to the whole community.
Below is some evidence of these meetings. More evidence can be found in the document referred to above.


On June 22th, 2022, the I4OE Project held the first of three community events at the São Domingos de Rana Parish Council.

After a welcome and opening remarks from the Mayor, representatives from different sectors of education, associations, business and, local management were able to exchange views on how to work together to identify and solve common problems in the region using Design Thinking.

On January 20th, 2023, another community event of the Innovation for Open Ecosystems (I4OE) project took place at the São Domingos de Rana Parish Council, this time on the theme: “The role of Companies in Lifelong Learning”.

Around 15 people from different sectors of society attended the event and gave their views, contributing to a diverse debate.


In C3, held on April 2023, the overarching perspective was democracy in times of political polarization. A town hall meeting assembled a broad sample of voices from the island community. A “piggybacking” opportunity was utilized to arrange an idea brainstorming workshop for a historic play about the local viking saga king “Haakon the good – ruler in times of peace”, to reach as wide a participant audience as possible in community-embedded activities. “Tools” for similar community events were collected successfully.